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02:51 White & Nerdy Official Video "Weird Al" Yankovic
03:25 Amish Paradise Parody Of "Gangsta S Paradise" "Weird" Al Yankovic
02:59 White And Nerdy Official Video Weird Al Songs "Weird Al" Yankovic
02:51 White & Nerdy Parody Of "Ridin " By Chamillionaire Feat. Krayzie Bone
04:56 Fat "Weird Al" Yankovic
04:04 Ridin Feat. Krayzie Bone Chamillionaire
02:50 White N Nerdy Lyrics Weird Al Yankovic
03:20 White & Nerdy In Lego
02:49 White And Nerdy Eminem
03:03 "White & Nerdy" Live In Del Mar 7 4 12 "Weird Al" Yankovic
02:58 White And Nerdy Live Weird Al Yankovic
03:00 Weird Al White And Nerdy Live
07:23 Behind The Scenes Of "White And Nerdy" Weird Al
03:04 White And Nerdy Official Music Video
03:06 Weird Al Yankovic White And Nerdy With Lyrics
02:53 Weird Al Yankovic White And Nerdy
02:50 Weird Al White And Nerdy