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04:51 Monody Feat. Laura Brehm TheFatRat
21:31 Warrior Songs Dota 2 Music Pack TheFatRat
03:55 The Calling Feat. Laura Brehm TheFatRat
04:09 Unity TheFatRat
04:08 Mayday Feat. Laura Brehm TheFatRat
57:09 Thefatrat 1 Million Subscriber Mega Mix
03:54 Xenogenesis TheFatRat
03:32 Oblivion Feat. Lola Blanc TheFatRat
03:15 Fly Away Feat. Anjulie TheFatRat
04:39 Dancing Naked TheFatRat
05:39 Thefatrat Mixing Video Game Music With Edm
1:14:54 Thefatrat Mega Mix Top 20 Songs Of TheFatRat
05:28 Do Be Do Be Do TheFatRat
03:06 Time Lapse TheFatRat
03:02 No No No TheFatRat
04:21 Never Be Alone Tasty Release TheFatRat
15:50 Alan Walker X Thefatrat Remix Become Legends