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03:51 It Doesn T Matter
05:55 It Doesn T Matter Live
1:01:21 It Isn T Sin That Torments Your Soul Its The Guilt Of Sin Must Watch Bishop TD Jakes
08:14 He Will Always Send Somebody Td Jakes Must Watch
05:16 Thanks For Staying Wmv T D Jakes
23:41 Forgive Yourself The Best Sermon Ever TD Jakes
1:21:46 Get In The Rhythm Of Champions Must Listen TD Jakes
57:01 God Is Able To Heal You Physically Mentally Emotionally And Economically Powerfu TD Jakes
26:31 You Cant Get Over Anything That Hurt You Until You First Give Up What You Had In Min TD Jakes
1:42:56 Raise Your Expectations Must Listen TD Jakes
08:21 You Cannot Fit In And Stand Out At The Same Time! TD Jakes
12:41 There Is A Movement Powerful Message TD Jakes
1:39:46 You Cannot Fit In And Stand Out At The Same Time! Motivational Bishop TD Jakes
1:30:00 Stop Complaining And Praise! New Sermon Bishop T D Jakes
1:04:51 Never Ask A Clock To Do What A Decision Has To Do Must Watch TD Jakes
1:16:31 Through Faith And Patience We Inherit The Promises Of God Must Watch TD Jakes