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07:14 Floetry Fantasize
03:22 Fantasize FLOETRY
04:58 Feelings By Floetry
07:18 It S Getting Late Floetry
04:01 Supastar Feat. Common Floetry
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01:03 Floetry Fantasize Wmv
06:44 Hey You Live From New Orleans Floetry
04:07 Floetry Closer
04:26 My Apology Floetry
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05:23 I Want U Floetry
06:44 Floetry Sometimes You Make Me Smile
05:03 Lay Down With Lyrics Floetry
04:41 Getting Late Floetry
04:45 Sunshine Live From New Orleans Floetry
03:54 Waiting In Vain Floetry