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04:09 Bittersweet Fantasia
03:56 Fantasia Bittersweet
04:04 Bittersweet Originally Performed By Fantasia Karaoke Version
03:05 Behind The Scenes Of The "Bittersweet" Video Fantasia
03:37 When I See U Official Video Fantasia
03:54 Fantasia Bittersweet Instrumental Jazz Remix
04:04 Bittersweet Fantasia
03:16 Fantasia "Back To Me" Concert Bittersweet
06:27 Bittersweet X Mix 65 Bpm Atrium Fantasia
04:03 Bittersweet Originally Performed By Fantasia Vocal Version
02:46 Fantasia Cover Bittersweet
04:09 Bittersweet By Fantasia Just Singing Lol
06:13 Fantasia Performs "Bittersweet" & "When I See You" At The Park Live In D C
03:56 Fantasia Bitter Sweet
02:40 Fantasia Bittersweet "Official Music Video"