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01:33 Kickin Crank 2 High Voltage Soundtrack
03:10 Given Up Crank High Voltage Ost Linkin Park
02:35 Crank 2 Chelios 2
03:39 The Stroke Crank 2 High Voltage OST VA #1 Billy Squire
03:41 David Rolas "Adrenalina" From Crank
04:16 Epilogue In My Dreams Soundtrack Orginal Mike Patton
03:26 Crank 2 Ending Song
02:45 Shock & Shootout Soundtrack Orginal Mike Patton
04:32 Bandera Soundtrack Crank
03:33 Crank High Voltage Composer Interview Hd Official Video #Faithnomore Mike Patton
02:14 The Hammer Drops Soundtrack Orginal Mike Patton
02:28 Mike Patton Sweet Cream Redux Soundtrack Orginal
03:30 Unmei Love And Hate
03:17 Crank 2 High Voltage Ost Va #6 Suck My Dick Dj Valentino
04:57 Crank 2 High Voltage Ost Va #3 Heard It In A Love Song
06:08 Johann Strauss Crank 2 High Voltage OST VA #2 Frühlingsstimmen
02:58 "Crank" Martin Todsharow The Captain Soundtrack