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05:18 Jungle Kings Feat. Cody/Collective/Keyori Badministrator
03:09 Three Kings W/ Kdh And Hizkit Wukong Tryn j4 Tribute Badministrator
04:50 Jungle Kings Nightcore Badministrator
03:19 King Of The Jungle Udyr Tribute MoonChild
02:20 Why So Serious Shaco Tribute Badministrator
04:32 Jungle Kings Badministrator Feat. Cody/Collective/Keyori Nightcore
01:31 Badministrator Murder Of Crows Fiddlesticks Tribute LoL Cypher
04:09 Unsung Heroes Feat. The Kid Relent And Skitz The Menace Badministrator
03:03 Winter Is Coming Badministrator
02:49 Lost And Forgotten Nautilus Tribute Badministrator
02:59 The Grandmaster Jax Tribute Badministrator
02:18 Corporate Takeover Mundo Tribute Badministrator
03:11 Back In The Day Badministrator
02:35 Fight Of The Century Feat. rawb09 Badministrator
02:52 Without Remorse Shyvana Tribute Badministrator
05:04 Rise Of The Undead Harrowing Tribute Badministrator