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06:30 Suraphel Demissie New Song
06:19 Suraphel Demsis New Mezmure
1:00:37 Best Prophet Suraphel Demissie Mezmur Collection Christian Mezmur Tube
05:22 Suraphel Demissie New Song About Ethiopia ማረን
06:09 Gospel Song Suraphel Demissie
09:55 Worship Presence Tv Channel Mar 2 Prophet Suraphel Demissie
06:19 Amharic Gospel Song/Prophet And Singer Suraphel Demisse Amazing Gospel Song
1:18:11 የምስጋና የእልልታ የደስታ መዝሙሮች
05:07 Ethiopia Protestant Song Ye Zema Geza Derese Suraphel Demes
06:49 አመልክሃለሁኝ Suraphel Demissie
13:08 July 19 Prophet Suraphel Demissie
30:26 Dereje Kebede Dr ዘማሪ ዶክተር ደረጀ ከበደ በጊታር የተዘመሩ መዝሙሮች
1:14:31 እንዳለ ወልደጊዮርጊስ Endale Woldegiorgis Vol # 1 Full የወንጌል አርበኛ Yewengiel Arbegna Vol 1
1:07:31 ልብን የሚያሳርፉ መዝሙሮች ኮለክሽን
1:00:21 መስፍን ጉቱ Mesfin Gutu Vol 3 Full Album
05:27 New Ethiopian Gospel Song By Surafel Hailemariam
06:19 Amharic Gospel Song Prophit Suraphel Demisse