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03:40 Kries & Mojmir Novakovic Moj Javore
03:41 Moj Javore Kries & Mojmir Novakovic
05:09 Marca Funebra Mojmir Novakovic I Kries
27:11 50 50 Film KRIES
03:17 Ivo I Mara 01 Pala Tana Kries
04:27 Ivo Se Šeće Dobri Domaćini Kries
05:17 Ivo I Mara 02 Kolende Kries
04:32 Ivo I Mara 05 Obilno Blago Kries
00:42 Mojmir Novakovic
05:34 Ivo I Mara 03 Izvir Voda Izvirala Kries
07:32 Ivo I Mara 11 Kirales Kries
05:21 Ivo I Mara 10 Ivo Sadi Bora Zelenoga Kries
04:51 Ivo I Mara 09 Livere Travere Kries
03:25 Selo Na Okuke Kries
03:25 Selo Na Okuke
30:06 Kries Garaza
03:37 Ivo I Mara 07 Iz Oblaka Rosa Pala Kries